Village Tour to support community

Village Tour To Support Community is a friendly, responsible, family-oriented tour operator focusing on culture, tradition, and respect for the environment. Village Tour To Support Community team propose discovery excursions around Siem Reap, including temples, Research local farm, local market , local school, Environment plant in community  and Tonle Sap Lake and countryside.

Village Tour To Support Community project to connect with volunteers to identify about how villager living, make business, culture of family, miserable of people, need, real of villager’s living and other situation in village. Moreover, they can oral communication and meet direct with villagers to get experiences and learn about villager.

Identify Khmer Culture when we go to visit friend’s house or other house Khmer people always bring something in hand such as (cake, food, books, rice, clothes, etc..)to show about share kindness and respect to them and show about kind of visitor even small or big they really happy and thank you so much and they will admire you about your kind mouth to mouth about your good died and thankful.
All villagers are very happy and excited to meet all of you and warmest greeting with their smile and it is a kind memory in their heart.

  • Bike renting: $5 per time (1h-2h)
  • Big truck: $20 per time (1h-2h)
  • Buffalo Cart: $25 per time (2h)