Volunteer Code of Conduct

Khmer Culture

Whilst interacting with Khmer nationals through Elma School Cambodia’s (EFCC) program activities I will:

  • At all times have respect for and uphold the culture and values of the Cambodian people.
  • At all times maintain respect and compliance for Cambodian government laws and regulations.
  • Recognise that culturally Cambodian dress is very conservative so I will respect this and will ensure that at all times my dress is in accordance with our Dress Code as outlined in our Volunteer Handbook at both EFCC and in the villages.

Child Protection

During contact with children through EFCC’s program activities I will abide by EFCC’s Child Protection Policy and I will:

  • Treat children with respect regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status.
  • Not use language or behavior towards children that is inappropriate, harassing, abusive, sexually provocative, demeaning or culturally inappropriate.
  • Not engage children in any form of sexual activity or acts, including paying for sexual services or acts, where under the law(s) applicable to the child, the child is below the age of consent or the act(s) are an offence under relevant laws.
  • Ensure that a member of EFCC’s management team or a person approved by a member of EFCC’s management team is present when working in the proximity of children.
  • Not invite unaccompanied children into my home or place of residence.
  • Not sleep close to unsupervised children.
  • Use any computers, mobile phones, or video and digital cameras appropriately, and never to exploit or harass children or to access child pornography through any medium.
  • Not exchange email addresses with children nor set up an email address for any child.

Use of children’s images

Before photographing or filming a child I will:

  • Assess and endeavor to comply with local traditions or restrictions for reproducing personal images.
  • Obtain consent from the child or a parent or guardian of the child. As part of this I must explain how the photograph or film will be used.
  • Ensure photographs, films, videos and DVDs present children in a dignified and respectful manner and not in a vulnerable or submissive manner.
  • Ensure that children are adequately clothed and not in poses that could be seen as sexually suggestive.
  • Ensure images are honest representations of the context and the facts.
  • Not place a photograph and/or personal information (age, last name, geographical location, health, education or other) of a sponsored child online, or on a website or e-mail it to others.
  • Understand that the onus is on me, as a person supporting EFCC’s program activities, to use common sense and avoid actions or behavior that could be construed as child abuse.

Discrimination and responsible behavior

As a volunteer at EFCC I understand that:

  • Discrimination and/or physical violence between volunteers is unacceptable.
  • That wrong, false or misleading information must not be given at any time.
  • Volunteers must exhibit a high level of integrity, honesty and self-discipline at all times.
  • Any additional activities with children, families or communities must be first approved by management and be in accordance with the requirements of EFCC’s Child Protection Policy.
  • A commitment to my chosen work hours must be given. If I need time off or would like to travel, I will give as much notice as possible to my department manager and the Volunteer Coordinator so that they can find a replacement.
  • I will check with management before inviting friends or visitors to EFCC.
  • I will not sell or use prohibited drugs within the vicinity of EFCC.
  • I will not smoke in the vicinity of the EFCC.
  • I will not attend EFCC whilst under the influence of alcohol and will not consume alcohol at EFCC whilst children are present.
  • Conducting business of any kind for self-gain in the vicinity of EFCC is prohibited


In regards to offering money donations to staff members at EFCC I understand that:

  • All donations to EFCC must be processed through the correct channels. All funds raised must be forwarded by one of the options on the EFCC website or presented to EFCC’s Accounts Department which will issue you with a receipt.
  • Any support, sponsorship of staff, student or family must be authorized by management.
  • EFCC staffs are not allowed to ask for any money regardless of the reason or even suggest to volunteers that they need financial help of any description.
  • EFCC staffs are not allowed to accept any money from volunteers.

While it is unacceptable to offer a staff member cash donation or financial support, if any volunteer would like to make a donation to EFCC’s Staff Development Fund, please speak to the EFCC Volunteer Coordinator.

Systems on the ground

Whilst offering my voluntary services at EFCC I understand that:

  • All volunteers must operate within existing operational/organisational systems currently in place.
  • Any positive suggestions to improve current systems are appreciated and can be directed to the Managing Director.
  • Systems must not be changed without prior approval from management.
  • No extra-curricular activities are to be carried out within the organization without prior consent from management.
  • Volunteers must respect the Khmer customary lunch and rest break from 11am to 2pm weekdays and no personal or work demands are to be placed on Khmer staff during this time.
  • I cannot request Khmer staff to be my ‘personal’ tour guide during their time off.
  • Care and correct use of the organization’s property is required at all times.

Download PDF

Volunteers can download and sign the document to be handed in when they arrive:

Volunteer Code of Conduct