Vocational Training

Training Café

Elma School Cambodia’s hospitality training facility – Volunteer Café – was established in 2017 with the aim of teaching unemployed and often uneducated Khmers valuable cooking and hospitality skills, and developing their confidence and future employment opportunities.

Visitors and volunteers are welcome to experience our fabulous cuisine and ambience of the School House Café. All funds generated from the Café go directly to fund the Elma School Cambodia School Education program.

Contribute To Staff Salaries

The Elma School depends on skilled teachers and support staff (librarians, Nurse, Accountant, Chef, Cleaner, Security etc). In order to make the monthly bankroll we rely on contributions. These can be donated directly to the Elma Trust bank account, Either as a one-off payment or monthly donation. 

Village Tour to support community

Village tour is to learn about local people how to live, life style of working, and village culture to support and connect with them! villagers are happy to see foreigner and talk with them.