Health Care Program

It is not unusual for children in Cambodia to become dangerously ill or even die due to medical conditions that are normally easily dealt with in western countries. Children face disease and illness due to malnutrition, poor hygiene, unclean environment, traffic accidents, food and mosquito borne diseases. Compounding the problem is the fact that poor families cannot afford quality health care, and sometimes those living outside of the city cannot even afford the transport to a health facility.

At Elma Health Care program will impact to 430 children at school and teachers to make sure good health and care them, located onsite at Elma School Cambodia, children and staff have daily access to a trained nurse, who can provide health information, assess any health issues and either treat minor issues at the center or refer the patient to a local hospital or health clinic.

Thanks to sponsorship, the Elma Health Care  is kept well supplied and staffed daily. The clinic also welcomes skilled health professionals who would like to volunteer their time and expertise. See the Volunteer page for more information.

Contribute To Staff Salaries

The Elma School depends on skilled teachers and support staff (librarians, Nurse, Accountant, Chef, Cleaner, Security etc). In order to make the monthly bankroll we rely on contributions. These can be donated directly to the Elma Trust bank account, Either as a one-off payment or monthly donation. 

Village Tour to support community

Village tour is to learn about local people how to live, life style of working, and village culture to support and connect with them! villagers are happy to see foreigner and talk with them.