Education Program

The focus of Elma School Cambodia is ‘free education for all’ as the founder recognised the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty. Most families in Elma School Cambodia’s target areas cannot afford English school fees, books or uniforms. Many children are needed at home to mind younger siblings while their parent/s work, or are even required to work themselves to support the family.

All students at Elma School Cambodia live in difficult family situations, facing shortages of the basics, such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation. ELMA School Cambodia school offers free education to all, providing uniforms, school bags and all resources necessary for their education. Elma school has two government school around in Elma school complex from year by year many students come to study at Elma school and graduated from school and get new students enrolled for new academic year. two government school students around 1500 students are studying from kindergarten to secondary school. So that Elma school ply role important to contribute to help poor rural students come to study English free and quality and good moral. 

Our teachers conduct daily classes, each class consisting of about 30 students. The school is upgrading its curriculum model so that more students will have access to the full formal Khmer curriculum, as well as English, computer, music and dance classes.

Many poor families in Cambodia earn less than US$100 a month, so although the parents know that education is the ‘key’ to lifting the family out of poverty, priorities such as food and shelter take precedence and education is often out of their reach.

Siem Reap City is a major tourist destination, attracting nearly three million visitors yearly. English competency increases the students’ employment opportunities. Few government schools provide this service and private schools charge high fees, which most Cambodian families cannot afford.

At Elma Cambodia we provide the Khmer formal government curriculum from pre-school to grade 4. Many students in this program as well as others who attend government schools, also attend our English, creative development and life skills classes,

Elma Cambodia’s school and programs are only able to operate thanks to the generous donations of sponsors.

Any and all donations are welcome.

Your support contributes to our school’s general running costs, which include school supplies for students, essential classroom materials and teaching resources, maintenance and essential infrastructure required to provide security and a safe learning environment.

Our Work Get from Relationship and Dream To Action! School Director.

What projects ELMA School are working on?

Unsystematic Education Project

  • General English Program
  • Happy Life Skill Program
  • Computer
  • Health Care Project( Just Plan)
  • Dance ( Traditional Dance)
  • Music (sing Khmer song and English)
  • Sport (football)
  • Art ( General and creative)
Morality Program

For every Friday of the Week We have children clubs from 4 Clubs.

Level of students and stay at Schol

  • Level of student from Kindergarten, Let’s GO 1-6 and up to Head Way
  • Student’s age from 4 -18 years old.
  • Teachers are from Elma School’s students, University students, and Government’s School
  • Students 390(2017)
  • Students 430(2018-2020)
  • Students 2021-2022 will increase
  • Student will Study at school 8 years and up to school in city.


  • The school day from Monday to Friday and School times 8:00am to 11:00am and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
  • Low level Kindergarten 8:00am to10:00am teaching hours per day.
  • School divided two terms are four and half months for each term.
  • Kind of Books are New ABC, Let’s Go1- 6 and high level.
  • Note: English School shift time with Government School and Stay one hour for each class.
  • School Academic Year on September 20th to April 7th (School Re-opens).
  • Summer Holiday on April 7th to April 20th for Khmer New Year Day (School Closes).
  • From April 21st to August 20th (School Re-start). Rainy Season holiday from August 21st to September 19th for Phmum Benh Ceremony (School Closes).

Contribute To Staff Salaries

The Elma School depends on skilled teachers and support staff (librarians, Nurse, Accountant, Chef, Cleaner, Security etc). In order to make the monthly bankroll we rely on contributions. These can be donated directly to the Elma Trust bank account, Either as a one-off payment or monthly donation. 

Village Tour to support community

Village tour is to learn about local people how to live, life style of working, and village culture to support and connect with them! villagers are happy to see foreigner and talk with them.

Sponsor a school student

Support the educational needs of a school student and help provide them with a brighter future.

Sponsor a university student

Sponsor a student’s university tuition fees

Dine at Volunteer Café

Our hospitality training restaurant teaches unemployed or disadvantaged young people valuable cooking and hospitality skills. Open 9am – 9pm.