Thank you for joining us in our mission to transform the lives of impoverished children and youth.

You can donate any amount to support Elma School Cambodia. General donations will be used for resources and services most in need at the time, including but not limited to, school resources, support for families in crisis, healthcare supplies, teacher salaries.

If you would like to donate to something specific, please state the purpose of your donation.

Elma School Cambodia uses secure banking technology to ensure your transaction is safe.

Regarding Family Dream projects: is to find donors to support school projects and student family need.
Your option donation as below:

  • Bike for student: $60
  • Bag: $7
  • Water filter: $50
  • Sponsor for orphan children $40 per month (45 orphan children at school)

#Volunteer is not specifically the time But The heart#

Research Book Program

Research Book is a program to provide opportunity to everyone who love reading books, keep and recycle books and writer that we will talk about your favorite books, old book reading changed you, note book, your book at home and work place and travel books and donation books and dream to get and writer etc.., share and follow to get same future!

Make donation to school for any projects and record project with name donation and new book and old books to library.
Thank you for any your help and donation to make our Dream turn reality and help 430 children here get your book reading to share to others!

  • Book donation: $2.50 -$5
  • Bookshelf: $70-$150
  • Printer:  $250_$500
  • Donation Yearly Library decoration $400-$700 (books, bookshelf and some education materials and school stationary) 

Learner is Reader! Manager is Reader, Leader is reader, We are reader Together!

On below of book photos in library are destroyed by insets while we closed school in covid-19 we are looking fund to buy more book’s and Bookshelf with school stationary. 

Thank You for Donation!

Bank Account of Elma School in Cambodia  ( The donation to projects and sponsor for student)

Download More information of Elma School Bank

ABA Bank QR Code of Elma School in Cambodia 

Online via ABA Bank

Donate with MasterCard or Visa via the ABA Bank PayWay secure payment gateway.


Online via Rotary Australia

Australian residents and organisations can make a tax-deductable donation via Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).

Tax receipts are provided by RAWCS.

Donations via RAWCS are in Australian Dollars AUD.

For sponsorship payments please use the currency converter provided to ensure you are donating the correct figure in US dollars.

Please be aware that banks deduct fees on most transactions.



If you are living in either Germany or Switzerland, you can now make direct donation via the bank accounts shown below.

Donors are required to include the keyword “NHC” in the purpose of the transaction along with their full Name and Address so that you can be sent a tax deductible receipt.