About Elma Trust Cambodia

Elma for Cambodia Children Organization was set up in 2006 by British founder, Jacquie Lawrence and Mr. Vey Law during their visit to Cambodia. Elma school was built in 2006 as a dedication to Jacquie’s mother. The school is located in the rural Sambour Village, 7 kilometers from Siem Reap. Elma school replaced a new Director in 2014 Mr. Sann Sieng as a Managing Director up to now

Elma for Cambodia Children Organization is an NGO that currently teaches 430 students from the local community and students’ age 4 years old to 18.. We provide free English education, school supplies, Computer class, Sewing class, 4 clubs (Dance, music , soccer and Art), orphans sponsoring to children from the eight villages in the surrounding area 1780 families not include new families . Within this area, around 700 families who were relocated by the Government. These families lived along the Siem Reap River. The government relocated them to clean and upgrade the river and local water systems.

Elma School programs

Reward Ceremony Day for Students

Reward Ceremony Day for Students, is a day at end of year that students are looking forward to celebrate together with schoolmates, student's parents, teachers and community come to congratulate students who get high scores and finish their education in academic and up to new level for new academic year. Normally, The students at end of year always celebrate on September 14th to 20the yearly before school has rainy season vacation as celebrate Pjum Benh Days as well. Memory day, Students are excited to meeting each other and take photos with certification from Elma School and teachers as well. We know that day we are happy to see students come together with smile and cheers with their result. Thank To Elma School for big scarifying to help poor children and thank to teachers for amazing works. Donate Now $

Life Skill for Students at School’s Garden

Life Skill for Students at School's Garden is further activity to educate students know how to plant the plants, flowers, organic vegetable and also teach them how to love environment to contribute preserve environment and save our planet through replant trees, plant our life and hope.

Elma Teacher’s Environment Activity

This part is teacher's environment activity to plant trees, fruit trees and organic vegetable at garden. we are challenging to contribute environment to replant trees and contribution to make green village.

Children Football Club

Hello Everyone, This is Children football club that we are challenging to create for children at Elma School to help students get and meet their football's dream. So that we would like to invite you to contribute with us and support some football materials. You can donate and support sport materials to Elma School or contact us through website to visit them and meet them at school.


Covid-19 with Elma School' team work that we contribution with social work and community that give foods and bring trees to local villages in areas who need our help.

Education Program

Provides free Education, Love, Motivation, Care, Hope, Dream, Restore Dignity and Action Together to around 430 students from age 4 to 18 years old. Our Work Get from Relationship and Dream To Action! School Director.

“We are not enough just dream to help But start to act and work together"

Khourt Sieng 

What you can do

Contribute To Staff Salaries

The Elma School depends on skilled teachers and support staff (librarians, Nurse, Accountant, Chef, Cleaner, Security etc). In order to make the monthly bankroll we rely on contributions. These can be donated directly to the Elma Trust bank account, Either as a one-off payment or monthly donation. 

Village Tour to support community

Village tour is to learn about local people how to live, life style of working, and village culture to support and connect with them! villagers are happy to see foreigner and talk with them.

Sponsor a school student

Support the educational needs of a school student and help provide them with a brighter future.

Sponsor a university student

Sponsor a student’s university tuition fees

Dine at Volunteer Café

Our hospitality training restaurant teaches unemployed or disadvantaged young people valuable cooking and hospitality skills. Open 9am – 9pm.

Provide Community support

Contributions enable Elma School Cambodia to respond quickly to a range of urgent situations.


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    Email :

    • (School Director) sannsieng@yahoo.com
    • (School Director) info@theelmatrust.org

    Phone :

    • (+855) 70 245 777 /  (+855) 12 92 07 16

    Address : 

    • sambour village, sambour commune , siem reap city, Cambodia

    Open Time : 

    • Elma Trust is open at 8-11:00 AM to 2-5:00 PM weekdays, and closed weekends and Cambodian Public Holidays.